September 25, 2017

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Updated: 2021 Notices & Disclosures GuideERISA, ACA, COBRA, HIPAA2021_02
Updated State Individual Mandate Employer Reporting GuideACA2021_01
Updated: 2021 Compliance CalendarACA, HIPAA, HSAs, Cafeteria Plans, ERISA2021_01
Updated: HSA Guide HSAs2021_01

Updated: 2021 HSA Contribution CalculatorHSAs2020_12
Updated: Table of Federal Limits and Fees 2021Federal Contribution Limits2020_11
Updated: Employer Reporting GuideHealth Reform2020_10
Updated: Affordability Safe Harbor Test 2021Health Reform2020_10

Benefits During Leave of Absence GuideLeave of Absence (LOA)2019_12

HRA Comparison ChartHRAs2019_9

Look Back Measurement Method Overview Health Reform2019_2
HIPAA for Fully-Insured Plan Sponsors GuideHIPAA2019_01
Wellness Notification FlowchartWellness2018_11
2019 HSA Contribution CalculatorHSAs2018_11
IRS Letter 226J Employer CommunicationHealth Reform2017_11
COBRA Continuation Coverage, General Notice and Election NoticeCOBRA2017_10
Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) templatesERISA2017_10
EEOC Confidentiality Notice for Wellness ProgramsWellness2017_10
Slide Deck: ACA Employer Reporting Year 3Health Reform2017_10
Slide Deck: COBRACOBRA2017_10
Slide Deck: HRAs and HSAsHSAs and HRAs2019_01
Slide Deck: Medicare & Employee BenefitsMedicare2019_7
Marketplace (Exchange) NoticeHealth Reform2017_10
HIPAA Notice of Privacy PracticesHIPAA2017_10
Electronic Distribution of ERISA-Required Disclosure Documents OverviewERISA2017_10
Applicable Large Employer (ALE) Status TestHealth Reform2017_10
Section 125 Election Changes SummarySection 1252017_10
Grandfathered Status DisclosureHealth Reform2017_10
Summary Annual Report (SAR) contentERISA2017_10
Summary Plan Description (SPD) contentERISA2017_10
HIPAA Special Enrollment Notice, CHIP Notice, Notice of Reasonable Alternative Standard for Wellness Programs, Newborns’ Act Disclosure Notice, WHCRA Enrollment and Annual NoticeHIPAA2017_10
Look-Back Measurement Period Method IllustrationHealth Reform2017_10